The name of the talking German fish on the hit TV comedy American Dad!.
He was originally a German man, but was eventually turned into a fish by the CIA then Stan took him in. He now lives with Stan and the rest of his family. Despite his delightful personality (filled with multiple funny German words to ease the audience during moments on tension in the show), Klaus is basically universally hated and is often told to shut up despite his keen knowledge, good ideas, and helpful advice.
He is also in love with Francine, Stan's wife, and he is orange.
Klaus: (attempts to give good advice to whomever during an episode)
Francine, Roger, Steve, Stan, Hayley, or any other person in the cast of American Dad!: "Shut up, Klaus."
by yesiwatchamericandad January 06, 2013
Top Definition
Most delicious vampire ever.
Tyler: Who's the alpha male?
Caroline: It's Klaus, love.
by CarolineLovesKlaus May 01, 2012
1. My first name.
2. An insightful, intelligent being, who devises only the best of definitions for this fantastic website.
Greetings, my name is Klaus.
by Klaus January 15, 2004
1. A Germanic name.

2. Klaus Fluoride, formerly of the Dead Kennedys and other bands.
In Germany, there are many people named Klaus.
by abcd123456 July 14, 2004
Unique, awesome, cool, good looking. Most of all a great provider.
Klaus paid the bills
by minniginni January 06, 2014
When somebody does something fucking boss
Yo dude you hooked up with Katie, thats so Klaus
by Joel Pascuzzi February 03, 2015
Klaus is the name of a human boy with a tail
Guy 1: You are standing on Klaus's tail

Guy 2: Sorry Klaus
by Latex19 December 08, 2010
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