1. My first name.
2. An insightful, intelligent being, who devises only the best of definitions for this fantastic website.
Greetings, my name is Klaus.
by Klaus January 15, 2004
Most delicious vampire ever.
Tyler: Who's the alpha male?
Caroline: It's Klaus, love.
by CarolineLovesKlaus May 01, 2012
1. A Germanic name.

2. Klaus Fluoride, formerly of the Dead Kennedys and other bands.
In Germany, there are many people named Klaus.
by abcd123456 July 14, 2004
Klaus is the name of a human boy with a tail
Guy 1: You are standing on Klaus's tail

Guy 2: Sorry Klaus
by Latex19 December 08, 2010
A slang word for penis

Never nice

Gets coal for christmas
All German men are a klaus
by yr slang January 06, 2014
Unique, awesome, cool, good looking. Most of all a great provider.
Klaus paid the bills
by minniginni January 06, 2014
Similiar to cockblock. When your friend kills you chance with a girl.
When your friend kills you chance with a girl. HE klaused you. From the name Klaus Von Bulen the killer.
by elmagneto December 18, 2003

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