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Someone who is unnaturally strong in his own right. Someone who acts or looks very cool.
Basically you can call "Klark" a person who can be looked upon.
Examples would be ones like Batman or Superman. Although origin of this word is unknown, but it may very well be a derivative from Superman's first name "Clark" Kent.
This word is rarely applicable to real people and is often used to praise fictional characters in films or anime.
Anime examples are "WhiteBeard" from "One Piece", "Yamamoto Genryūsai" from bleach, "Sarutobi Hiruzen" from "Naruto".
--Someone beats the shit out of 20 man--
What a Klark!

--Guy outsmarts everyone and comes on top--
What a Klark is he, god dammit!
by GoldsmithSmarty July 03, 2017
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