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Klaes is a very clever, sexy, good-looking, innovative and sweet mastermind, who desires to conquer the world. He's liberal and is also atheist.
He's very tall and have the sweetest and naughtiest smile.

He's typically together with his family, best friend or girlfriend, otherwise he's waiting.

He enjoys food; bacon, sushi, roast, mayonnaise among others.
Klaes is on the way to my home.
by Klaes' girlfriend February 04, 2010
A guy that is completely closed off and will reject anything different, origanal and unique.
Klae: She is so weird, try fitting in for once!
Person2: Stop being such a jerk.
by JuliefreakingAnn! July 23, 2010
The lizard king of elephants in fugi. Eats tassles and polyester. Ran for pope in 1978 and attemped to bend a brick. Married to Florence the toenail and has 3 kids, Agnes, Albert, and Fregley. Works as a cattail inspector and his house is made out of jello. He is also a male hooker. He likes to ride his wife to Walmart to get condoms every Tuesday.
MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Where are the condoms?!?!?! Help Walmarty!!!!!! Klae!
by smooshywooshey August 23, 2010
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