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A super cool RSM (runescape machinima maker) who is know for his purple style and awesome videos,he has one a notorious "Golden Gnome" award from jagex for his IRL RSMV and has won the privileged to visit jagex studios.

He is know to be funny nice and always having a witty comment to any convorsation to make it that much more entertaining. A great party invite, and he loves his cat whiskers. Little do people know all of his voices in his videos are infact not his

Sub. Def: a short funny Jewish guy who uses sound boards obnoxiously during skype.
NERD 2: *nerdgasm*

nerd 1: omg its kkcomics, nice vids man
Kkcomics: (sound board) "oh yeah"

School friend 1: hey kyko!!!
Kkcomics: Hey man! whats up
School friend 1: not much man see you later!
by Co-Tinius September 01, 2010
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