This is just a nice way to refer to a dogs balls. Usually most applicable when the dog lays down, his balls will look like fuzzy kiwis squished between his legs. Have to thank my wife for this one.
We have to get the dog fixed soon. I don't want to see his Kiwis anymore.
by Phil July 29, 2003
gay, homosexual, ....(used for man only!)
hairy on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside
(like the fruit)
i saw mika on mtv yesterday. he is such a kiwi!!!
by xXPetraXx August 18, 2007
Person commonly referred to as an australian. Kiwi's live in an entirely seperate country. Australia referred to the natives in their land as flora and fauna until the mid 70's. New Zealand signed a treaty with the natives in 1840.
A kiwi's ancestors were not brought here, because of criminal convictions. They can here of their own free will.
by Ginge October 24, 2003
fruit by any chance..Leaves a soure taste in ya mouth... Yum!!
by boob July 10, 2003
A punkrock band from New York.
Kiwi's a fucking awesome band!
by Mimi March 14, 2004
someone from new zealand that comes to australia for a holiday and never leaves.
suspectd to have sexual relations with sheep.
"Those damn sheep-shaggers from across the ditch are invading again! why cant they just stay in thir own damn country?"
"What do you call a sheep in a Kiwi's backyard?
A ride-on lawnmower"
by Mr Big October 18, 2004
a large kiwi-fruit-bird, known to mis-spell words.
a cow sais m00(mis-spelling of "moo"), or you're st00pid(again, with "stupid")
by Manic October 10, 2003
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