It is the new word for lol, but its only when its a super duper loling moment in which you say kiwi ... or if u feel like it.
"Can you remember miss renow falling over in the classroom, lol"
":L Everytime i go into the history room i just laugh lol"
by ktxoxoxkt March 01, 2009
Testicle or Testicles.
You just got hit in the kiwi.
by Steven Gomez February 28, 2008
Another term for the testicals ,DooDads, balls ,figs, nuts
Hey,whats's wrong with Ned? He is screaming like his Kiwi's got caught in the car door!

I know I'm getting old when I sit down to heave a havana and my Kiwi's hit the water!
by Jorge.D May 05, 2006
An abusive term for a person from New Zealand, referring to the bird with the same name.
Me: Watch Harrison squawk! Run little kiwi, you have no wings! Don't stray too close though, his beak's pretty sharp.

Everyone apart from Harrison: *lol*

by Kristjan M. January 30, 2008
Another term for the testicals
My girlfriend has bruises on her chin from my KIWIS slappin' it.
by JorgeD. May 09, 2006
Kiwis: Women; Small tits, big arses and attitude to match. Rugby jerseys look good on All Blacks and not on girls even if you have on your best trackpants. Sculling piss is for blokes. Your friendships with other girls are not like men's so stop trying to act like them.

Kiwi Blokes: Honest, simple, loyal, hardworking, charming, easy to please and the girls lucky enough to get the chance realise multiple orgasms are not fiction, Generous, respectful and ferocious in a fight. You can see Russel Crowe proved his birthplace when performing in Gladiator.
look at me i am one of those kiwis
by guesswhothisis October 10, 2006
This is just a nice way to refer to a dogs balls. Usually most applicable when the dog lays down, his balls will look like fuzzy kiwis squished between his legs. Have to thank my wife for this one.
We have to get the dog fixed soon. I don't want to see his Kiwis anymore.
by Phil July 29, 2003

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