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The act of one having a small penis.
Yooo, William has a kiwi?!
by DarkWingAndNightHawk March 12, 2011
A guy from a guild on Windrunner, named Kris Halabalooza, who likes to insert his penis into sheep, and girls who are really men
Hey hala who are you always being a kiwi and banging sheep men?
by kekdreamwhisper October 03, 2009
The little wingless brown bird that nailed a bunch of trees to the side of a cliff and jumped off just to fulfill his dream of knowing what it's like to fly
Kiwi died for his dreams :'
At least we know he was happy
by SCLIBSCLAB April 06, 2008
Female sexual organ
omg, he totally just tried to put his banana in my kiwi!

dude, dont touch my kiwi
by xanarchy_kitty October 16, 2009
when you talk in "kiwi" (surprisingly no New Zeeland connotations) you pitch you voice extremely high and squeal words in an irritating fashion elongating random vowels.
Such as kiwi would sound more like “KiieeWieeey
by QQ and Kiwi August 29, 2009
A slang term for a pair of extraordinarily large testicles.
"My boyfriend has a set of kiwis."
by alorarose April 15, 2009
An imaginary person from Brazil who is awesome at everything he does.
Who do you think you are, Kiwi or something?
by Jenson the Kiwi Guy October 23, 2008