The little wingless brown bird that nailed a bunch of trees to the side of a cliff and jumped off just to fulfill his dream of knowing what it's like to fly
Kiwi died for his dreams :'
At least we know he was happy
by SCLIBSCLAB April 06, 2008
a very hott, short, cute, sexy, chick with an awesome body and personality
Yo, damn, she's a kiwi!


Sup kiwi?
by sg February 23, 2004
A kiwi, is an ugly fruit and also "hairy" which is also a slang and subtle word for an ugly chick.

Also an antonym of bean meaning hot chick.
"Damn, did you see that kiwi? I'd have to be drunk to hit that!"

"Yeah she's a kiwi, definitely not a bean."
by mtlbro October 09, 2011
The act of one having a small penis.
Yooo, William has a kiwi?!
by DarkWingAndNightHawk March 12, 2011
Kiwi, noun, a lass who appears attractive to scottish men. based on the kiwi bird originated in New Zealand
A tidy bird
Tim: Mate I got with a kiwi last night
Tom: Yaldy!
by BeckBoy22 March 26, 2010
The prettiest and most unique and best girl in the world. Point blank. She's outgoing, sweet, giving, caring heart, fun, daredevilish, sexy, exotic, beautiful, natural, cute, gorgeous, doll face, just so beautiful. Upon looking at her, her beauty possesses you, she's so innocent looking, adorable and sexy. The best woman that was ever created by any creature, God or form of substance. Every guy in the world wants her because of her body, face, attitude and personality. She is one a kind, no one else was made like her, no one. Guys have killed for her, woman want to kill her because they want to be her. Every woman on earth wants to be her once they meet her. Nothing comes richer or better than Kiwi. And nothing ever will regardless of the votes on here
There are so many woman in the world with beautiful faces, but regardless of what color her body is in, Kiwi has the most beautifulest face in the world!
by 2 many niggas want my girl December 10, 2009
A guy from a guild on Windrunner, named Kris Halabalooza, who likes to insert his penis into sheep, and girls who are really men
Hey hala who are you always being a kiwi and banging sheep men?
by kekdreamwhisper October 03, 2009
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