An animal, native to the Islands of New Zealand. Common traits include Shouting incoherent garble(also known as the "haaka"), fondness for sheep and its ablity to eat, sleep and sh#t, all at the same time.
Hide your sheep mate, here comes another bloody Kiwi!...
by bonza bob July 30, 2004
Team Kiwi, people who do stupid things
Jumping out of a tree onto a soiled mattress
by NK April 15, 2003
a small, hairy squaking fruit
drew is a kiwi, josh's mom is a kiwi
by mike hunt September 29, 2003
TO nickfaker, real nick: Enforcer
who are you kiwi??
by gordijnensap July 28, 2003
A person born in new zealand. they have differnt education there, and they actually are taught that they wern't decendants of convicts.. and they think that they were never governed by australia.

They live in a country where there are more sheep then people.

Purley belive that they are better then the australian cricket team - woops

It's the birth right of australians to pay out kiwi's on sight
"Hi my names steve, my dad was a human my mum was a sheep"
by Bear February 04, 2005
Kiwi originated from the ancient Mayans. They unanimously voted on a new Kiwi every year and this Kiwi would be there master. When the ancient Mayans became extinct, so did the spirit of the Kiwis. But now, the spirits have been rejuvinated into one all powerful Kiwi........ A PROFETIONAL KIWI
Kiwi is the best!!!!

No one can question the authority of Kiwi

Kiwi's friends include Kumquat and Papaya
by Badge February 21, 2005
A small homosexual boy who thrives on the behinds of other boys.
Oh no here comes Kiwi. Don't drop the soap.
by PSI43 May 06, 2006
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