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An animal, native to the Islands of New Zealand. Common traits include Shouting incoherent garble(also known as the "haaka"), fondness for sheep and its ablity to eat, sleep and sh#t, all at the same time.
Hide your sheep mate, here comes another bloody Kiwi!...
by bonza bob July 30, 2004
35 98
Another term for the testicals ,DooDads, balls ,figs, nuts
Hey,whats's wrong with Ned? He is screaming like his Kiwi's got caught in the car door!

I know I'm getting old when I sit down to heave a havana and my Kiwi's hit the water!
by Jorge.D May 05, 2006
5 32
An abusive term for a person from New Zealand, referring to the bird with the same name.
Me: Watch Harrison squawk! Run little kiwi, you have no wings! Don't stray too close though, his beak's pretty sharp.

Everyone apart from Harrison: *lol*

by Kristjan M. January 30, 2008
28 57
Another term for the testicals
My girlfriend has bruises on her chin from my KIWIS slappin' it.
by JorgeD. May 09, 2006
39 68
Kiwis: Women; Small tits, big arses and attitude to match. Rugby jerseys look good on All Blacks and not on girls even if you have on your best trackpants. Sculling piss is for blokes. Your friendships with other girls are not like men's so stop trying to act like them.

Kiwi Blokes: Honest, simple, loyal, hardworking, charming, easy to please and the girls lucky enough to get the chance realise multiple orgasms are not fiction, Generous, respectful and ferocious in a fight. You can see Russel Crowe proved his birthplace when performing in Gladiator.
look at me i am one of those kiwis
by guesswhothisis October 10, 2006
35 66
This is just a nice way to refer to a dogs balls. Usually most applicable when the dog lays down, his balls will look like fuzzy kiwis squished between his legs. Have to thank my wife for this one.
We have to get the dog fixed soon. I don't want to see his Kiwis anymore.
by Phil July 29, 2003
33 69
gay, homosexual, ....(used for man only!)
hairy on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside
(like the fruit)
i saw mika on mtv yesterday. he is such a kiwi!!!
by xXPetraXx August 18, 2007
6 54
Person commonly referred to as an australian. Kiwi's live in an entirely seperate country. Australia referred to the natives in their land as flora and fauna until the mid 70's. New Zealand signed a treaty with the natives in 1840.
A kiwi's ancestors were not brought here, because of criminal convictions. They can here of their own free will.
by Ginge October 24, 2003
42 93