This is a girl who has had a rough past because some girl couldnt stand how utterly lovable she is. Kiwi has been through a ton of stuff that would make anyone depressed or even want to end their lives, but she still comes to school every day with that beautiful smile that could knock any man out with a single look. She is the strongest woman i have ever met, and i will continue to admire her witt and charisma. She is an amazing actor, a outstanding singer, and the world smartest person. Kiwi is a blond beauty who dosent let any get her down. She hugs, pokes, BITES, and licks almost everyones necks, arms or fingers. She has the funniest reaction to people touching her neck due to a mortal fear of it, and also hilariously fears the peacock. I am glad i have met this wonderful person and couldnt ask for a more special person to share a school with. Kiwi is amazing in everyway and anyperson who hates her is afraid of her. Everyone should love this crazy girl because she will always make you laugh or give you advice or even just listen to any of your problems no matter how small. she is special.
who is that loud person making noisies in the back of the class room?
oh thats just Kiwi of course.

why do you have teeth marks on you?
got a hug from kiwi.
oh haha yeah she does that.

who is that girl tripping in the hall?
Kiwi, yeah she's a cluts but she is a fantastic friend.
by NeverMetAGirlLikeHerILoveHer July 01, 2012
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A game played in an enclosed court by two players who strike a ball with raquets. aka the greatest sport ever.
WOW! This kool sport kiwi is waaaay better then squash!
by M&N® November 05, 2010
A person from New Zealand
damn, aaron is a sexy kiwi.
by Clicker August 10, 2003
Kiwi - 1 - A small, brown, flightless, nocturnal, endangered bird native to New Zealand / Aotearoa. The name of the bird comes from the high-pitched 'call' it makes.
Kiwi - 2 - Slang for a person born in New Zealand. Synonymous with hard-working individuals, talented artists & relaxed easy-going people .
Kiwi - 3 - This is what the rest of the world, for some unknown reason, calls 'KIWIFRUIT'. Laziness and stupid marketing probably enter into it somewhere. Originally a Chinese Gooseberry, it flourished in NZ where its name was changed to reflect where it was grown. Named a KIWIFRUIT, stays a KIWIFRUIT , not a kiwi.
Kiwifruit example - I was asked by 4 individuals in London, why?, where NZers named after a fruit?
by Hoki June 17, 2004
My favorite foreigners, never met one I didn't like and I've known dozens. They're so enthusiastic I wish I could enjoy life as much as they seem to. And responsible for my favorite movie trilogy.
Kiwis laugh harder at my sick jokes than people from any other country, including my own.
by That Evil Yank May 22, 2006
A small brown bird..native to New Zealand..
The people of New Zealand are also known around the world as "Kiwi's"
by onepercenter13 July 14, 2002
A person born in New Zealand, a small country made up of two islands below and to the right of Australia.

There is a historical rivalry between Australians (commonly called Aussies or, occasionally, wankers) and the Kiwis (mistakenly called sheep shaggers). Despite this, the two peoples have a strange habit of defending each other and feeling comforted by the others presence in countries outside their own.
A Kiwi and an Aussie are riding through the sheep country when they discover a sheep with its head stuck in a fence. The Kiwi gets off his horse, strides over to the sheep, shags it, and them gets back on his horse. He looks at the Aussie who is staring at him and says, "Sorry mate, do ya want a go too?" "Alright," says the Aussie and gets off his horse and walks over to the fence where the sheep is still stuck. After a pause, he looks back at the Kiwi and asks "Do I have to put my head in the fence?"
by Dudewheresmypoose August 24, 2006
People or persons of New Zealand. Not a derogatory term as New Zealanders refer to themselves as Kiwis.

The kiwi is a small flightless bird indigeonous to New Zealand, and is the most common symbol of the country. The word has been broadened in common parlance to refer to the people of New Zealand.
Come experience our Kiwi hospitality when you fly Air New Zealand advertising blurb from Air New Zealand.
by silver February 14, 2005
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