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What you type when you intend to end a letter with "love", but you are so sleepy from writing sappy letters that your hands are on the wrong place on the keyboard... ie. right index starts on the "H" instead of the "J" on home row.

It then becomes an insanely cheesy word for "Love".

Your Sweetie
by ~jill~ March 03, 2009
To have an intimate relationship with someone who is below you in terms of physical attractiveness.
Anthony looked around nervously as the obese girl sat on his lap. Kieran assured him that none of their friends were around, and that he should keep calm and kive on.
by Calypso, the great dane September 24, 2014
v. to ask for something; (while under the influence of alcohol or other speech impairing substances)
"Kive a beer?" "Kive a hug?" "Kive yo mama?"
by JustinFico June 09, 2007
northern term for: real dirty sluts. will do anything for a line of coke and a big mac.
our sharon is a right kive
by darren cooper October 13, 2004
the female body part, otherwise known as vagina
Our friend Lisa has a really big kive
by Jeff Cantlebery May 20, 2005

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