1. KFC Titties. Usually had by those who are emplyoed by KFC and other fast-food restaurants, or those who frequent said restaurants often.
1. Damn, that fatass has some big Kitties!
by Phoenix January 20, 2005
a whorebag who likes to play with guys and use them. she's as skinny as a stick and can break very easily. she goes from guy to guy, pretends to like them and then breaks up with them to do the same thing.
OMG you're such a kitty.
by Kel Smithersing January 17, 2009
vulgar slang a young girls genitals.

or put in a differnt way "young pussy".
"i am going to get me some kitty tonight"
by Othlon December 17, 2006
someone who likes to sleep with everyone in sight. they are usually kinky in bed and dont care who knows it. they are total sluts in the publics eyes
at the party she slept with every guy there. shes a total kitty.
by lauren renee` November 15, 2007
The act of a woman rubbing her pussy, vagina, yoni, etc. on a man/woman's face
"She gave him a kitty while he licked her pussy out"
by rasdori June 03, 2007
One ounce of a drug
I'd like to order three eighths of a kitty. An LSD coloured kitty. Yup. No drugs at all. I love kitties. They go meow. And definately aren't drugs. Oh shit, the cops are listening! random bursts of gunfire
by D April 25, 2004
A kitty is person of the heterosexual orientation, also known as straight. Kitty sex is male to female sex, and so on and so on. If you are a kitty, you are definitely not a Goat or a Ram.
Susie: I think I might be bisexual.

Colleen: Listen, I'm a Goat, and I can tell that you are so kitty.
by Masterpp4u December 12, 2005

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