Kitty is a sweet, loving, smart and all round amazing girl. She never let's her friends be blamed for anything, and understands the true person inside someone. When she is doing what she loves she is ALROUND AWESOME!! And always has a part of her heart dedicated To evetyone. Nevrr insult a Kitty as she can bite back at you! She is pretty as pretty can be, even though she never mentions it. Your so lucky if you find a Kitty, as she may be the kindest friend you ever had.
Boy: Wow she's so good at that!

Girl: I know, she must be a Kitty!
by KatsAndStuffz November 26, 2013
pile or box of money. Like when you are playing poker, the money in the middle is the 'kitty'
If you want in on the pizza, you better pat that kitty
by martino500 May 06, 2010
The center pot in a poker game. A community fund between friends at a bar for purposes of sharing cost.
Pagal failed to put $20 into the kitty and therefore drank for free at Caseys.
by general deegan February 22, 2011
1. To say in repsonse to any question or phrase.
2. Also a type of cute animal!
1. Guy one-Hey! You wanna go and get a couple of beers?
Guy two- Kitty!

2. What is that fluffy piece of shit...? Oh dayum. Itss a kitty cat (:
by Yourmomsucksweiner January 30, 2010
A strong, friendly, caring, funny, lovable and protective man. Similar to the nickname Kitty, given to James of Monsters Inc.
I call my boyfriend Kitty, because he is amazing!
by KittysBoo December 05, 2010
Slang for vagina
Kitty is another word for pussy
by george365 February 13, 2014
Splooge, jizz, male or female cum
Man, she was so hot, I kittied before I could whip it out!

I was eating her last night when she squirted kitty all over me. I looked like a freshly glazed doughnut
by Nokio8086 November 18, 2013

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