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1a) A kiss that occurs right after one or both parties have eaten Skittles.
1b) To kiss someone after eating a Skittle.

-That was the most amazing strawberry kittle ever!
-Mmmmm, I love Kittles!
by C. Bukowski March 21, 2008
10 12
To be great in every way. A greatness that came before space and time and goes beyond consiousness and belief. A combination of omnipotent, awesome, godly and great etc...
He was so Kittle!

I love it, its totaly Kittle!

I wish he was Kittle!

Ive never seen something that big, he was Kittle!
by Jimmy Kay January 17, 2008
34 10
Noun. Two (2) or More Little Kids.
Wow! There are a lot of kittles running around in Chuckie Cheese.
by MissNikkiBabii December 11, 2009
12 15