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At a swinger party, three or more ladies in sexy lingerie (or naked) in a pile-up on a blanket on the floor (or another comfortable, open space)... licking, sucking, teasing, playing with each other's boobies and kitties. Toys, lotions, and body-paints add to the excitement. Mainly a "show" for others, so on-lookers are always welcome! Gets the guys aroused, but they cannot join the pit because they don't have a "kitty". At the end, the gals are usually naked, soaking wet, and ready for action!
Hubby: Honey, this year for Christmas, I want to see you in the middle of a kitten pit under the tree with Julie, Sue, Linda, and all the other hotties at the holiday party!

Wife: MMMMMeee-owwwww! That sounds hot, I'm already wet thinkin' about it!
by Just Sally January 01, 2011
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