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The word Kit comes from the latin word meaning tank. Also the word TEL in latin mean amazing sexy. So in therory when u meet a kittel it is one who is a amazing sexy tank.
Wow, check out that kittel.
by ljshdfshfksf September 20, 2006
Kittel is a hard hitting badass sumbitch of a hunk.

The origins of Kittel come from a mix of ancient hebraic and modern klingon, first found when emperor Augustus discovered America. He met Tom Hanks who told him to go seek the wisdom of God. In the voice of Morgan Freeman, he heard "Kittel...Kittel..Kittelkittekittel.....kittel........kit....tel........kittel......KITTEL!!". And so he knew.
I saw, and I said "Damn, Kittel. Kittelkittelkittelkittel. Kittel. What a Kittel. Hunkittel. Kittel."
- Augustus
by 123knowitall September 23, 2013