The swedish word for urine.
Swedish: Det var kiss i glaset. Någon hade kissat i det.
English: There was urine in the glass. Someone had urinated in it.
by The_Pope September 22, 2005
One of the most terrible bands to ever walk the face of this earth. Somehow, they are "worshipped" by millions. They are not that great, and I would rather be "Hit" in the face than listen to one of their so-called "hits".
Gene Simmons of KISS is one ugly bastard with a 7-foot tongue.
by NKU Student March 29, 2005
a pre lude to sexual intercourse
i gave her a kiss and then she sucked my cock.
by ginger April 10, 2003
Nickname for Jadakiss
e.g. It'll take a life time to see Kiss
by TheGuv April 05, 2006
a never-explained action
how does smooshing your lips together and tasting each other's last meal qualify as romantic?
Me:"Kissing is weird"
General public: "amen"
by *tweak* September 17, 2003
A great rock band...

The name is said to mean KISS - knights in satans service

Almost like AC/DC - anti christs/ devils childeren.


I think so...
KISS is a great rock band.
by yeah dude yeah November 21, 2006
Kiss the Band.
Knights in Service of Satan
KISS - You're Slave of Satan.
by Airton March 09, 2006

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