a never-explained action
how does smooshing your lips together and tasting each other's last meal qualify as romantic?
Me:"Kissing is weird"
General public: "amen"
by *tweak* September 17, 2003
A great rock band...

The name is said to mean KISS - knights in satans service

Almost like AC/DC - anti christs/ devils childeren.


I think so...
KISS is a great rock band.
by yeah dude yeah November 21, 2006
Kiss the Band.
Knights in Service of Satan
KISS - You're Slave of Satan.
by Airton March 09, 2006
wat a man and a woman do before they share the poon tang and do it doggy style
I kissed that bitch, then we did it doggy style all night long
by A Horny Pimp April 19, 2004
The female equivalent to the teabag. Done by placing her vagina on someones face and "kissing" it.
I would love to be kissed by Jennifer Aniston.
by Guatavo's mom October 31, 2006
mwah to put your ghetto lips on my ghetto lips
I kissed his lips unril they fell off
by me July 19, 2002
Worst band in the world made up of a bunch of homosexual wankers who like to dress up in drag and fuck each other on stage. Loved by dickheads like the wop who likes to pleasure himself while watching them fuck onstage!!!
Kiss can kiss my ass cus they are shit!!!
Wop wants to suck off Gene Simmons!!!
Wop sucked off Fulton in the back of the business studies room!!!
by rambo April 15, 2005
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