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when a man and a woman put their lips together and feel the most-wonderful bliss

Grandpa:"Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that rated the most passionate, the most pure... this one left them all behind."
by Jake March 20, 2004
one of the best bands in the world (just my opinion) with hits like "do you love me" "shout it out loud" "rock n roll all night" and too many more to list
by Amanda Hawfitch March 27, 2003
kiss is the best band in rock n roll. if i lived in the 70's i would fuck paul stanly i would be his personal groupi. i like the other guys to their music rox.
kiss the greatest band from the 70's.
by weed rox May 22, 2005
Translation for "pussy" in Arabic.
- kiss ommak >> "your mom's pussy"
- kiss ikhtak >> "your sister's pussy"
- kiss im ili khala'ak >> "fuck the pussy of the person who gave birth to you"
- yil aan kissak >> "condemn your pussy"
by Anonu April 11, 2005
my mom and dad kissed all night
by emily June 18, 2004
KISS is the fuckin hottest band in the world!!!! All you haters out there can KISS my ass i hate you all you guys suck! KISS is not gay and they're not fuckin drag queens! They don't fuckin care what you fuckin think! They just like to fuckin rock n roll so shut the fuckin fuck up!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
ps theyre all married to ladies anyway, except gene simmons, but he still has a partner who is a woman and they have two kids. gene simmons and paul stanley's favorite things are pretty much ladies.
you wanted the best! you got the best! the hottest band is the world... KISS!!!
- Jeff Kitts
by tessa molenaar October 01, 2005
The best band ever in the history of rock!!! (also the best band in anything else) the original line-up is Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, and Peter Criss. Kiss is AWESOMMMEEEEEEE...KISS RULLLLLEEEEESSSSSSS. I LOVE KISS!!!
KISS RULES!!!!....you wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world...KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ME June 30, 2004
The swedish word for urine.
Swedish: Det var kiss i glaset. Någon hade kissat i det.
English: There was urine in the glass. Someone had urinated in it.
by The_Pope September 22, 2005