(1. A nice thing that a guy and a girl do to express their feelings (or to just have some fun).

(2. A 70's rock band who really were a let down. They dress just like a total heavy metal hard band. The makeup, the steel, spiked armor and axe guitar, yet listen to them. "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night" doesn't really sound like heavy metal to me.
(1. Billy:"Dude, my girlfriend touched my lips with hers!"

Brad:"Um...That's called a kiss, dude."

(2. Brad: "Man, have you ever seen the band Kiss?"

Billy: "Yea, what about em?"

Brad: "Well, look at em! Don't they look hard-ass?"

Billy: "Uh...they suck, man."

Brad: "Oh..."
#sweet #band #70's #terrible #amazing
by 7-String February 16, 2010
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Top Definition
The sweetest thing a guy can do without bein an ass.
May I kiss you instead of grabbing your ass?
by ILOVEKISSES April 09, 2005
an upper persuasion for lower INVASION
kkkkkkk iiiiiii ssssss
by none March 19, 2005
the meeting of two pairs of lips
He looked into my eyes, and we kissed
by Dani January 14, 2004
Acronym for Keep It Simple, Stupid
by moi October 15, 2003
The nicest,sweetest, thing a guy can do without bein an asshole.
May i kiss you instead of tryin to get in your pants?
by ILOVEKISSES April 10, 2005
The soft touch of anothers lips, in a perfect momment.
We looked into eachothers eyes and kissed.
by Alex July 03, 2005
A band from the 70's sporting cabucki theater make up and black leather costumes.They play awesome rock and roll an have survived line up changes and death of a member. the name stands for nothing other than kiss by the way
Wow no one likes KISS like me.
by lindyhatersannomis November 28, 2003
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