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A phrase made popular by NFL WR Chad OchoCinco, Kiss the Baby is commonly used in competition to symbolize the point of no return, or "the end" for the opposing team.
The San Diego Defense might as well Kiss the Baby because we've already won.
by T Freakin' C August 22, 2009
it means that's a wrap; it's over. it is not telling your buddies to f off, this phrase it very versatile and has no negative context.
if you tryin to pick up that girl you can kiss the baby, she is coming home with me tonight.

i just got the sniper rifle in halo, kiss the baby
by definitiongeniusmaster August 22, 2009
polite way of telling your buddies to F off; reference to going to prison for many years so kiss the baby cause the next time you'll see him he aint gonna be no baby no more
"you can bend over and kiss the baby"; "you are a baby kisser"
by lil Jenny Q December 22, 2008
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