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A nicer way of saying, Kiss My A_s, used in the southern USA. Grits are food and something we eat, not between our toes like one person said. Gritty dirt is between your toes, but not grits. People in the south say "Kiss My Grits" jokingly, not in a mean spirit. And lastly, "Kiss My Grits" is not meant to be anything related to a racial saying. It's just a silly fun southern saying.
Well, you can just "Kiss My Grits!"
by topaz49 June 23, 2013
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phrase commonly said by "Flo" on the television show, Alice.
Flo: Hay, meester!
Man: What?
Flo: You fergot sumthin'.
Man: What?
Flo: You fergot to KISS MAH GRI-YITS!
by cass March 09, 2004
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to kiss one's grits (grits are located between the toes); a saying that means something like kiss my ass, but more old-fashioned
Amanda: yer a dork
Jason: kiss my grits
by Amandoid March 06, 2004
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