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Extremely corny jokes made pertaining to certain situations.
*At the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum*
Girl: Hey I want to take a picture with one of the Wright brothers!
Boyfriend: Who is he?! He better not be Mr.right..
Girl: Wow..that was so Kishwar.
by shadowslayer1172 November 06, 2012
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*Erotically Busty!
*A girl or a woman with Gigantic boobs those of which resemble the double implants on Jenna Jameson!
*A girl or woman with big tits. A chick who is stacked.Someone with big juggs.
"Seeing the group of busty Kishwars with barely there bikinis on the beach, the guys were buffing the bananas!

Look at her! Those must be DDD cups, at least

Yeah - she's a real Kishwar!"
by The Wonka-Donka January 25, 2011
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