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An awesome person who is outgoing an exceptional at sports. Also smart and has a lot of friends. He is cool and loves movies.
I want to be a Kishan like totally!!
by FIshermanliketots May 12, 2013
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PLAYER, interested in cricket, a typical indian boy
boy1: check out that guy wiv all the girls
boy2: wow he's such a kishan
by mr_spiderpig September 12, 2007
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Someone who loves to watch porn with his nephews. Then goes to the bathroom with his HP Laptop for quick wank. Then proceeds to watch hindi movies with his nephews on his bigger (wink) Dell Laptop. Loves to dance in the living room watching hindi songs on youtube. Enjoys eating the "breakfast of champions" (Weetbix). Works out 4 times a week but cant get rid of his man boobs. But does have a great ass. When gets pulled over, automatically starts talking in his thick indian accent to divert the offficers attention. And his auto response when he doesn't have a comeback is "Screw you guys, I'm going home" (in cartman voice)
guy - I love watching porn with my nephews, working out, hindi movies and eating australian food.

girl - dude, you're such a kishan!
by SuperKishan February 25, 2012
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An absolute wastecadet. Usually Indian and loves to game. Claims to be loyal to one console (eg Xbox 360) and insults any1 who gets anything else, but when he realises that everyone else is getting a ps3, he will get one. Usually loves to mess with peoples minds and play mind games. Boasts about being amazing at games but is really terrible. Almost loves any form of media and if searched will always posses some form of digital media ( eg CDs, DVDs) on his person. But usually amiable if you can avod the mind games because your mind is like a fortress.
1. Kishan: Ew. You bought pPS3. You cunt.
*Every buys ps3*
Kishan: OMG i loove PS3s! I was like, the first person to get one!

2. Kishans Dad: what shall we call our son?
Kishans Mother: I wanted a daughter! Lets give him a crappy name. How bout Kishan?
Kishans Dad: Hah he is doomed to be a wastecadet. Chump.
by DGM February 28, 2008
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A mexican pancho that likes to eat nachos while play futbol; a mexican that likes to sit in sexy hot tubs; a mexican monkey that likes to take his shirt off when aroused around little teens. after taking shirt off, he proceeds to the Jacuzzi (pronounced for him Hacuzzi) and participates in a intellectual game called the nervous game. Kishan is very similar to Kobe on the bball court. he makes everyone look like a baby.
Quit being a baby, or Kishan will kill you!!

The vendor was selling nachos so kishan jumped out of the hot tub as if a patrol officer was coming; he took his shirt off later when erotic moments had arrived during the nervous game.
by theblackmomba August 21, 2009
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