Kirsty is a beautiful person inside and out. She brings smiles and laughter to all around her. She is an absolute inspiration and is a great person to be around. She is the most amazing friend anyone could ever ask for. Being lucky enough to have one as your BEST friend is simply amazing. You cant help but love kirsty, unless you get jealous easily, as it is easy to become jealous of her pure beauty. If you know a kirsty, treat her well, because she treats you like royalty back.
boy1: "have you seen that girl?!"
boy 2: "yeah, shes kirsty, shes PENG."
by robert73 June 25, 2011
Top Definition
Rock hard, amaaaaaaaaazing, such a raj and one hell of a sexy bitch!!!
Wow check out the legs on her, she's such a Kirsty
by The coolmeister February 27, 2004
You have to know a Kirsty, if not go out and find one.
Hey kirsty!
Heya Babes!*Big hug*
by B3tHaN September 01, 2008
Kirsty is a person of unparalleled brilliance and beauty. She lights up a room with her smile, and her presence is comforting, and strengthens all those around her. She has a great sense of humour and wit, and everything she says and does is done to perfection. She tends to be on the shy and modest side, but when she opens up, she is not only interesting, but kind and caring. When she smiles at you, you gain this sense of protection, ad you know that nothing can possibly go wrong. Her beauty shows not just outside, but inside as well. If you are ever lucky enough to befriend such a person, never let her go, because you will find that there is nothing that can even come close to matching her perfection. She is a marvel, and you will find that she will change you for the better. When you embrace a Kirsty, never before will you have felt so right, so cared for. Being with a Kirsty brings you nothing but happiness, and every moment away from her is agony. If you ever find yourself in love with a Kirsty, don’t be afraid to admit it, because it is the greatest feeling a person can experience :3
This girl is perfect, she must be a Kirsty...
by MyNameMeansDirt:) September 25, 2011
A polite, lovey person who always thinks about the world around her. She enjoys wasting paper making 'Gift Certificates' for friends.
You pick up that little now!
by Eric February 11, 2005
Follower of Christ
Kirsty-Is a very down to eath soul, very caring,kind and considerate. She is adorable and cute. She possess a great compassion for those less fortunate than herself. Loyal as a friend and will be there to listen to them when the s*it hits the fan.
by isiren27 March 09, 2012
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