She is a funny, beautiful, kind, caring, intelligent girl and is loved by all. She glows with confidence and guys can't help but fall at her feet! She deserves a man who is kind and sweet to her as she is kind and sweet to every person. Every time someone talks to her you can garuntee they will leave with a smile on their face. Guys fall at her feet and girls just want to be her. Every time she enters the room, all eyes are on her and usually they are very green eyes. This amazing girl comes with gorgeous hair, big beautiful eyes, curves to die for and a lush bum. What more could you possibly want?
Damn I wish I had a Kirsten!
by Tbone10010 October 21, 2011
Any of the recherche, sweet, intelligent, caring, girls with inveterate beauty and wonderful personalities that currently reside in Arlington, VA.
if jessica alba could some how have a child with herself, it would be a kirsten
by Funkmasta Flexified Freak November 13, 2006
An amazing sister.
Who will always have your back, (:
1: Dude my sister sydney is so annoying.
2: She definitely isn't kirsten massey.
by Racccchhhiee May 13, 2009
Amazing, Beautiful, Outgoing. Does things that she can set her mind to. Can be insecure about ones self. VERY Lovable. Always believes that Ex's can be friends. Will always have that "one guy" who sticks around. Athletic, funny. As a big family. Puts on a smile always even if its a fake one
I love kiRsTen!
by ayyyythere August 31, 2010
a girl with multiple talents, including doing ipressions of guinea pigs and babies. Her impression of a baby is ah-dorable. she is and ah-mazing soccer player, gymnast, singer, and pianist. she can make u smile on your worst days, and has a ton of thats what she said jokes! she has awesome style and is super nice. she always has something to say, and will stand for her friends. she is also increabily sexy and smokin hott! i luv this gurl! she is one of my bestest friendies! <3!
omg kirsten is so cool and amazing i cant even stand it!
by piexxluverxxgrl May 07, 2009
she is an awesome blonde chick who loves to have fun with her friends.she is really cute and smiles all the time.
hey did you see kirsten today?
yeahh she was so pretty.
by nigga.bitch.hoe. November 21, 2009
the most amazingest person on the face of the universe. SHE SO SEXY. Has an amazing body, can listen to any situation and give amazing advice. has a wonderful personality. usualy taken. has the mind Albert Einstein. her future is completly bright and successful.
by AiRbourn May 23, 2012
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