the most amazingest person on the face of the universe. SHE SO SEXY. Has an amazing body, can listen to any situation and give amazing advice. has a wonderful personality. usualy taken. has the mind Albert Einstein. her future is completly bright and successful.
by AiRbourn May 23, 2012
a stranger whom you dont know, but feel the need to shag
Has skin as soft as a babys butt, smells better than a stale fart on an airplane, looks like sex on the beach under the moon, howling like an aeoroplane on drugs.

eating rabbits
spreading her butter
sunflower seeds
making babies
making love
making cake
eating cake
eating concrete
eating pea cocks
eating peacoats
eating peas
eating pee
eating mexicans
racial discrimination
eating batmans
eating spiderman
eating superman
eating vagina
eating grass
eating flowers
drinking pee
drinking beverages
drinking pee
drinking food
making jello
eating jello
making jello jiggle
eating jiggly jello
swimming in jello
bathing in jello
making farts
smelling farts
tasting farts
swallowing farts
drinking pee
eating hair
eating myles
smelling myles
licking myles
making babies on the beach
making babies
making babies with coconuts
making babies
making babies
making babies with nuts
making babies
making babies with herself.
making babies

AS-ohh. girl look at that boday
Kirsten-I WORK OUT.
AS-lets shag it out.
by shagadelicinmyjelloshots October 14, 2011
Moderately attractive, out-going, kind-hearted, very rarely wears bras, saggy breasts,
Why don't you put those Kirsten's in a bra.
by A Big Boat June 20, 2011
Some crazy bitch that is a great friend and loves to stick up for her friends by kicking the shit outta fat blonde bitches and biting then and "giving them hep C" when in all reality the whore already had it from her old druggie boyfriends. Kirsten is beautiful inside and out and has the best personality. She is a great person and anyone who meets her is the luckiest son of a bitch ever. She also has a thing for short chubby half japanese half mexican girls.
"Did you see kirsten kick that fat bitches ass?"

"Hi my name is kirsten and i love mexicans"
by pacotacoasianchick February 04, 2010
one with a huge ass and loves to get fucked alot preferably in her anus
dont be a fuckin Kirsten
by A!3X May 16, 2011
Kirsten is the spawn of satan himself. she is an uber bitch that tries murdering people. she is also a slut
Fuck you, Kirsten
by Pablo_Gonzales December 12, 2011
A person who is a white person in a brown persons body. Terrible at everything and has no friends. Fits in with no one because she is brown but white at the same time. Needs a life.
Person 1: Omg who is kirsten?
Person 2: Some brown person but I think shes white...not too sure
by amazingperson42841325657656980 September 30, 2011
Kirstens are evil little blonde things, they are attracted to men who are generally taken, but being a slut means they are happy with anything with a dick. They love to be homewreckers, they are generally paranoid and will act very childishly if crossed or they do not get their own way. Beware they are cronic back stabbers. They are very selfish and treat their loved ones horribly.

A Kirsten is always desperate for sex, but they are known to contract STI's... so beware boys. Get checked or wrap it up!
Boy: Man that kirsten keeps inviting me over to her house for sex?
Girl: Make sure you wrap it up, I've heard she's got something
by KateB123 December 09, 2010

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