the most amazingest person on the face of the universe. SHE SO SEXY. Has an amazing body, can listen to any situation and give amazing advice. has a wonderful personality. usualy taken. has the mind Albert Einstein. her future is completly bright and successful.
by AiRbourn May 23, 2012
She can sometimes be a little rude and annoying but overall she's kind of nice and a good person once you get to know her. Your first impression might be bad but as you get to know her, she grows on you. She's definitely the most beautiful girl around and most guys would love to get with her. She's a good friend and would make a pretty good girlfriend.
Its too bad kirsten is seeing that one guy

Man I wish I could get with kirsten

That kirsten girl is soo weird
by brahbrahbrah31 July 06, 2011
a name for a very pretty, petite, blonde girl. the name is often mispronounced as "Kieeeeeersten" but is actually pronounced "Kuuuuursten". most are very weird, but in a good way. socially awkward, but in the most adorable way. most Kirsten's love to laugh and make others laugh. almost all Kirstens are terrific singers and even better friends. they like to dance and write poetry as well. they are majorly short, but have a big heart. they have very low self esteem and need to be loved and told they are awesome often, because they just are. a Kirsten is everyone's favorite kind of person.
dude 1: Kirsten is such a babe.
dude 2: man, I know!
by 1whoshallnotbenamed February 04, 2014
A Kirsten, is probably one of the most AMAZING people you will ever meet in your entire life. First off she is drop dead gorgoues and has amazing green eyes. She never takes shit from anyone and will say it how it is. But she is also the biggest sweetheart ever and will always have your back no matter what. She puts Her loved ones befor herself most of the time and tries to make everyone happy before she is. People who are most campatible with a Kirsten are usually Roberts or Jadens.
Guy: whoa dude who is that chick she is so beautiful
Guy2: That's Kirsten, I would do Anything to be with her
Girl: ya and she's the bestest friend you will ever meet!
by Urgomshoff November 26, 2011
A person who deifnatley is probalbly blonde, likes to have a good time, hyper, clutsy, and beautiful
P1: Did you see that girl over there?
p2: Yeah she was a total Kirsten
by That's My Name Up There :D December 14, 2010
A person who has natural beauty, but kinda smells. She's a freak at first, but once you get to know her you will love her. The best friend a person can have!
Steve: You know Kirsten?
Bob: Yes, she kinda smells like tacos.
Steve: I like tacos, I think she smells nice.
Bob: You're a freak.
by JessicaLikesCheese March 09, 2013
A SUPER awkie person
that kirsten is a super awkie girl.
by hot stuffffffffffffffff October 19, 2012
A popular name for alcoholics. Pronounced "keersten", possibly derived from the German "Bier stein", meaning earthenware ale tankard .

Most are highly bovine, in an extremely lovable way.
by wookums September 21, 2012

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