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Completely amazing, in all ways, shapes and forms.
Also known as absolutely stunning.
Fredrick Von Godrick: WOW. Did you see that girl?
Duderob: Well, she wasn't nearly a Kirsten.
by Canon Bob March 02, 2008
A cool name that most people are too stupid to say correctly, so they pronounce it "keersten". Most are extremely good looking.
Did you see keersten?
Whos keersten? I was looking at Kirsten. SHES FINE
by jessicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa April 25, 2008
A Very lovely girl. She loves being hyper, And Get's Horny Often. All Kirsten's are unique and will GET WHAT THEY WANT OUT OF A GUY. She forces sex. She loves to party and have a good time. Mostly all Kirsten's are beautiful, and may look all innocent and sweeet, but almsot everyone is not a virgin.
Oh man, that girl is such a Kirsten.
by Kianguin May 30, 2008
Is a really beautiful girl, who is caring, loving, friendly, easy to talk to, funny, interesting, fun to be around, and to wrap it up in one phrase... She's perfect!
"wow, did u see her?"
"yeah, it's Kirsten!"
by DESICE December 09, 2009
Scandinavian form of Christina, which traces back to the Latin name Christian and has been widely-used in Scotland for many years.

Kirsten's are Attractive, Dependable, Loyal,Outgoing, Silly; a friend that can be counted on, and has ears that can listen. Kirsten's are ladies that put that foot down on the ground and refuse to move it. Let's just say, "Strong at Heart" ! ! !
Friend: "He broke my heart, what am I to do?"

Kirsten: "I told you that you are better than him, take a deep breath and live your life for yourself." ! ! !
by Kat-wc ga girl February 02, 2010
An amazing pefect girl who i couldn't be without who likes the mess up like myself. LOVE YOU KIRST
"wow you see that chick?"
"yeah man. she must be a Kirsten"
by daniel awesome August 29, 2008
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