To take perfectly good data and make it unusable
Skelly I Kirked this data, looks like we are going to have to reload it
by the masked FoxPro December 10, 2009
An jerk-off roommate who eats all the shrimp and takes the good california rolls and leaves you with the shitty ones, even though you paid for them. Also he steals your guitar and amps and claims them as his own.
"Man I finally had to move out of that apartment, I was tired of getting Kirked!"
by Angry Room-mate February 05, 2010
To get shit face drunk. Alchohol Poisening must be a factor, potentialing loosing pulse for a period of time, but still surviving the overall experience.
"Shit man, I pulled a Kirk the other night at the football game."
by roc-K February 23, 2006
a person or the act of taking care of a woman that is less than worthy to take care of (i.e, a hoe, skank, or trick, etc.)
1. "Did you Kirk her?" 2. He said that he was going to take his girl out, which basically meant that he's Kirkin' his girl tonight.
by D o n J o n December 28, 2007
to be drunk. Or to skip and dance whilst others walk/run
Man, you o.k? You are acting like Kirk after his 3 bottles of whiskey
by Booth February 14, 2004
a trekkie that sits behind a desk whilst pretending they are at the "helm"
While sitting at his desk Kirk was a million light years away shooting Klingons at warp speed!!!!!!

by Buck Burrmeister September 15, 2006
a douchebag that lives in Queens NY
kirk thinks he is hot shit but he has more chins then a chinese phone book
by ooolalasassoon March 25, 2007
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