a man with a small man complex is kirk
look at that kirk...he thinks he is taller than everyone...but he is barley over 5 foot tall..lol
by msmurize May 11, 2011
saviour of the alcohol industry
"Damn it Larry, if it wasn't for Kirk, we would have gone bust years ago!"
"Your not wrong, mr Budweiser"
by bottle-necked beauty May 22, 2004
KIRK: or To kirk: an Attractive gay male that has ability to turn str8 men gay.
DUDE, don't hang around him, he is a kirk.

ya hang around that kirk and you will be sucking dick by morning.
by freak-maggot May 01, 2010
can be arranged into any sentence!
boris, you coming out in this kirky weather?
by boris bentham June 16, 2008
To take perfectly good data and make it unusable
Skelly I Kirked this data, looks like we are going to have to reload it
by the masked FoxPro December 10, 2009
An jerk-off roommate who eats all the shrimp and takes the good california rolls and leaves you with the shitty ones, even though you paid for them. Also he steals your guitar and amps and claims them as his own.
"Man I finally had to move out of that apartment, I was tired of getting Kirked!"
by Angry Room-mate February 05, 2010
To get shit face drunk. Alchohol Poisening must be a factor, potentialing loosing pulse for a period of time, but still surviving the overall experience.
"Shit man, I pulled a Kirk the other night at the football game."
by roc-K February 23, 2006

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