Kirk is an extremely confident male figure, who will light up the room by just opening his mouth at Sanic speed. He likes being called b0ss and will forcefully made you give him da pussi and if you don't, he will guilt trip you by stating that he "hz a cansur"
His hobbies include hitting small children in the face with soiled linnen, smashing eggs with his penis, and sucking his pet bird named "Cock" off.
If you get lucky and happen to obtain a Kirk, never let him go. Trap him in a Pokeball if it's the only way to keep in in your heart.
"Damn what's he doing to that bird?"
"Oh he's just being Kirk."
#bae #kirk #shrek #five #paint noggin #itchy #barf #troll #calum hood's penis
by Clifford'sCackle February 04, 2015
A prick that overreacts to everything and crys to much and doesn't like to come out in Newcastle after collage
Kirk is a hypochondriac
#prick #hypocondrict #crybaby #lurk #turk
by Bilbobagginsdmncjdvn January 12, 2015
A cheater on games.
*Playing on SvR2010*

Kirk (3 weeks ago): *Spear* *DDT* *Spear* *Spear* *DDT* *Slide out of ring*

Player 2 (Current time): *Spear* *DDT* *Spear* *Spear* *DDT* *Slide out of ring*

Kirk (Current time): "CHEATER YA CANT THAT DO THAT! I NEVER DID THAT! *puts pad down seething with anger*
#kirk #cheater #games #contradiction #seething
by PhilCrustybum September 22, 2011
a man with a small man complex is kirk
look at that kirk...he thinks he is taller than everyone...but he is barley over 5 foot
#kirk #shorty #short #small man #big
by msmurize May 11, 2011
saviour of the alcohol industry
"Damn it Larry, if it wasn't for Kirk, we would have gone bust years ago!"
"Your not wrong, mr Budweiser"
by bottle-necked beauty May 22, 2004
KIRK: or To kirk: an Attractive gay male that has ability to turn str8 men gay.
DUDE, don't hang around him, he is a kirk.

ya hang around that kirk and you will be sucking dick by morning.
#gay #men #str8 #bi #cute
by freak-maggot May 01, 2010
can be arranged into any sentence!
boris, you coming out in this kirky weather?
#kirk #kirky #kirking #kirker #kirked
by boris bentham June 16, 2008
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