Scottish origin: The word for a church.
Let's head off to the Kirk for Sunday services.
by D. Kirk Anderson March 06, 2004
The best guy in the whole world, and if you're lucky he will jack your dibs. This is a very pleasant experience, and Kirk will always get the job done.
I love when Kirk jacks my dibs.

The best day in the world is when you get a little kirkin and dib jackin action.
by eschuetz April 19, 2010
Kirk - kirked - kirking
Verb: To hit and/or seduce a woman/man/android/green woman/child/double with a cloudy self-assurance.

i.e.: Ohmahgawd! He totally Kirked her!
-Ruler of the land of Kirkonia
-Amazing accent
-Jumped by women
-Sexy dancer
-Has weird monologues
-Loves techno
-Loves mind games
-Doesn't take life seriously
-Intrudes in people's business
-Creepy laugh
-Slightly manical
-Sharp eyes
-People have secret attractions to him
"Dude why are you so suicidal?"
"Kirk messed with my mind again."
"Oh that sucks. He did that to me last Wednesday."
by KerryvilleINkaitland January 31, 2010
A person with swag.
That guy is a total Kirk.
by cooldog97 January 10, 2012
verb: to totally and utter desroy; in PC usage to "own".
Wow, you totally got Kirked in Maintenence Access!
by ViniRotundo March 31, 2003
A really awesome guy, who looks at you with smiling eyes, and makes your heart jump, and your face go bright red like hot chill! He's give's out such lovely compliments and is such a gentlemen.
You: Hey Kirk, how's it going?

Kirk: I'm sweet, how are you? you're looking real fact you always do.

You: *bright red, fanning your face* Owww Kirk! *melt*
by Curly Wind February 27, 2012

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