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A really awesome guy, who looks at you with smiling eyes, and makes your heart jump, and your face go bright red like hot chill! He's give's out such lovely compliments and is such a gentlemen.
You: Hey Kirk, how's it going?

Kirk: I'm sweet, how are you? you're looking real pretty..in fact you always do.

You: *bright red, fanning your face* Owww Kirk! *melt*
by Curly Wind February 27, 2012
1. a flatus expelled through the anus.
–verb (used without object)
3. to expel a flatus through the anus; break wind.
—Verb phrase
4. kirk around, to spend time foolishly or aimlessly.
"Excuse me I just kirked."
"Quit kirking around."
"Oh my god who kirked?"
by Mathew Grier, and Sarah Paskiewicz February 01, 2007
person who likes gay sexual intercourse, or the use of objects such as a lead pipe.
hey smitty, did u hear about kirk liking it in the ass?
by person gonna whip kirk's ass December 03, 2006