A really awesome guy, who looks at you with smiling eyes, and makes your heart jump, and your face go bright red like hot chill! He's give's out such lovely compliments and is such a gentlemen.
You: Hey Kirk, how's it going?

Kirk: I'm sweet, how are you? you're looking real pretty..in fact you always do.

You: *bright red, fanning your face* Owww Kirk! *melt*
by Curly Wind February 27, 2012
alls out, crazy ass, shroom drewling, pussy eating, pot smoking, raving, loves teckno and trance mother fucker. One that every body looks up to for a good time. the most interesting person that you will ever meet.
I want to be just like kirk.
Cassie Cowles
by kirk January 26, 2004
Egotistical, smartass, honest, blunt, loyal, protective, proud, hard working, intelligent, hysterical , 'human-fireplace', dirty mind, creative pumpkin carver, quirky, playful, awsome friend.
"Don't mess with me, my family or my friends." - Kirk
"I firmly believe..." - Kirk
by Gonqgirl February 07, 2010
to flip out on sumbody, curse sumone out, just to get mad at sumone 4 no reason
she kirked out on me cuz i wuz talkin to James, who was supposedly, "her boo"
by MizMiya March 17, 2005
To act in an impetuous way and not play by the rules, like Captain Kirk from "Star Trek".
The NotGoth did a Kirk: he brought his gat and a bottle of Thunderbird into the rave club, when the sign outside the club said "No Alcoholic Beverages and No Firearms Allowed"!
by pentozali February 06, 2009
A slang term used when referring to Costco's brand of beer, Kirkland Light Beer. This 48 case of can beer is only $20 and will liven up any party. Many use the term Kirk as a verb, adjective, and noun. Most commonly substituted into rap lyrics, and fits into every song imaginable. It is also a term of endearment that can be used in any Hallmark Card.
Everyday life example: "Let's get Kirked up!!"

Pick-up Line Examply: My friends and I were sitting by the pool one day and say a beautiful woman in a pink bikini walk past. I politely said "I'd Kirk that". We have a date next Tuesday.

Song Substitution Example: "I like the way you Kirk it, no diggity. Gotta Kirk it up"
by sloanewentlong June 27, 2015
A talented asshole
My bro Kirk is a god at bass but a total dick to people. Jk
by justgoat666 January 05, 2015
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