He's one of the main captains on Star Trek, but will always be known for generating one of the biggest internet jokes on the planet...

Captian Kirk, U.S.S Enterprise
a person or the act of taking care of a woman that is less than worthy to take care of (i.e, a hoe, skank, or trick, etc.)
1. "Did you Kirk her?" 2. He said that he was going to take his girl out, which basically meant that he's Kirkin' his girl tonight.
by D o n J o n December 28, 2007
to be drunk. Or to skip and dance whilst others walk/run
Man, you o.k? You are acting like Kirk after his 3 bottles of whiskey
by Booth February 14, 2004
a trekkie that sits behind a desk whilst pretending they are at the "helm"
While sitting at his desk Kirk was a million light years away shooting Klingons at warp speed!!!!!!

by Buck Burrmeister September 15, 2006
a douchebag that lives in Queens NY
kirk thinks he is hot shit but he has more chins then a chinese phone book
by ooolalasassoon March 25, 2007
Kirk = bullshit , poop, crock of shit, lie.

Def 2. = Scheme, plot, conjur.

"Get that bag of Kirk off my door step, you get me" = Don't lie to my face.

"Your chatting a bag of Kirk."

"Im brewing a fresh pot of Kirk for this Badman."

"Im gonna lay a Kirk on this rude boy" = Im going to hatch a plan to get this brother.
by Badman MC February 26, 2009
kirk is a girl .. who is my best friend .. but can sometimes get on my nerves .. but she`s awesome though !! oh and sometimes she has an orange face and orange hair !
"hi kirk your hair is looking fake today"


"i wanna stab kirk"
by kirks best friendd ever January 25, 2006
To lie, front, or cap
That motha f*cka was striaght kirkin on my shit.
by We Rep the Pine May 21, 2006

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