what words are there to not describe kirk as one of the greatest guitarist of all time? Kirk has lightining fast fingers, and the solos he does astounds everyone (guitarists and non-guitarists alike). Starting at 15, he had a fender in '78, then wanting to get a Gibson Flying V ('84). He wanted that Gibson so bad he took shifts at Burger King to pay for it.
Then in April of 1983, Kirk received a call from Metallica because they were firing Dave Mustaine. So Kirk got his money and left California for the first time to arrive at New York. He auditioned and thus began Kirk's career as lead guitar in Metallica.
Kirk Hammett's solos will blow your fucking head due to sheer amazment.
by Hammett-Rules July 23, 2006
Top Definition
A San Franciscan guitarist, who started playing at the age of 15 on his brothers guitar. Once gaining enough skill played in a couple bands, Starting Exodus in the process. He later flew to New York to join with Metallica and has become one of the most influential and copied lead guitarist of all time. Is very well known for his "fuck off" attitude and lightning fast fingers. Also being recognized as a prominent surfer, and studier of zen. Plays his guitar 364 days of the year.
did you hear those lixx kirk hammett played? hes the fucking best!
by matt December 06, 2003
Guitarist in metallica, his first band was a garage band Mesh, and then later joined Exodus, after words he joined Metallica. He took lessons from Joe Satriani, and is very skilled with the guitar.
Wow...kirk hammett rules...
by Ryan August 04, 2003
A San Franciscan who started playing at the age of 15. Now the lead guitarist in metallica Hammet is pushing the limits of guitarists. But one question why no solos on St. Anger?
kirk hammett is legendary
by Mendoza October 28, 2003
1) One who has mastered pentatonic scales and can blow your mind with them.

2) Metallica's Lead Guitarist that has composed some pretty amazing solos to date. Things that make him happy include pentatonic scales and wah wah pedals. And don't forget his stuffed two headed sheep and his thrash metal!
Man... That Kirk Hammett is blowing my mind. I wish he would stop using those Em Pentatonic scales/
by Coolfist April 28, 2011
Very good guitarist for Metallica. There are better though, like Vai, Satch, Petrucci though.
Kirk Hammett is a very good guitar player and can come up with great catchy solos.
by Richie January 05, 2004
Guitarist in Metallica.

The guy loves his pentatonics and wah FAR too much.
Somebody slap the silly weapon and tell him to turn off the wah.
Listen to Eryk Ferenc who is miles better than Kirk Hammett
by madetowreck May 20, 2010
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