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If you break the word down, you'll see that "kiri" is the Japanese way of saying "kilo"--the metric word for 1000. "ban," when using the kanji 番, is the Japanese word for "number."

Therefore, it's the thousandth number, and is generally used as a view counts landmark.
Thanks, everyone!! 5000 kiriban! ZOMG i'm sooo happy! TT~TT

15,000 kiriban contest! Send me a pic of my pageviews at 15,000 pageviews and I'll send you a prize!!
by Oh, just some guy. November 23, 2011

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Gained popularity on manga/anime sites where the #--- visitor got a free drawing. That was the kiriban number or kiriban art.

Now it's being used more for an exclamation of achievement, as hitting the #whatever view of your website is a kiriban.
Mangapunksai hit the kiriban number on her webpage and will make a commerative piece of art because of it.

Baka-chan had a contest for whoever hit the kiriban number and will make a kiriban piece for that person, a gift art.

People came from all over to give kiriban to damphyr for winning the contest.

Kiriban to you for finding my obscure webpage!
by renonevada August 12, 2004