Kir means dick and khar means donkey. So kire khar means donkey dick! Donkey's dick is very big comparing to it's body.
Kire khar too koonet: May a donkey fuck your ass!
by Bitarbiat February 03, 2009
Top Definition
1)in stories an imaginary or ancient penis-like creature that is large, ugly, and frightening.
2)an object, animal etc that is unusually large and fucks everything.
3)used to tell someone to stop talking = be quiet!
4)used when you have no idea of what's going on
5)used when somebody stares at you or laughs at you in an unpleasing way.
John : look at him...hahaha
merXad : kirekhar, co0ni!!!

Sam : whassup buddie!
merXad : kirekhar

by merXad December 25, 2008
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