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A mixture of symbols on the keyboard that looks similar to Kirby From Nintendo. used by forum users in their signatures
Person1: <(^.^<)<(^.^)>(>^.^)>
person2: z0mg! is that teh Kirby Dance!?
person1: yeah dude hes teh 1337 d00d
by Dale O'reilly August 17, 2006
Kirby's Dance
DUDE lets spam the Kirby Dance
I love the Kirby Dance
She Kirby Dances alot
by Habbler February 01, 2009
This is an old meme that used to be very popular (lol). It was made by using emoticons and has many different forms. (>'o')> is an example, but my way is (>•°0°•)>. The below example is me joking around. (yet one of my friends reacted this way) Kappa. You can screw around with emoticons, or copy someone else's.
"Person 1:(>•°0°•)> <(•°0°•<) \(•°0°•)/ KIRBY DANCE"
"Person 2:YEAH KIRBY DANCE!!!11!1!1!1!1!1!111oneoneone"
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