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Kirbies epic yarn is a supposed kirby game that doesnt include the pink puff that swallows things, but a creature made from yarn that whipes things. Since i havent played this game, i cant create a clear definition, but if you want to know, listen to me. this game most likely doesnt follow the storyline of save kirbies homeland. its save yarn land apparently. they changed the concept of swallow and get abilities, now its whip and get a throwable object. trust me, its nintendoes way of saying, lets screw up a good game.
person one: hey i bought kirbies epic yarn.
person two: no, you bought epic yarn.
person one: wut?
person two: it cant possibly be kirby, kirbies a pink puff. its epic yarn.

this is kirbies epic yarn (w62)
by The Gamer 62 October 24, 2010