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Perfection <3
Kira is perfect, she's my true love and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her <3
by JESUS BUTT September 30, 2011
35 13
the alias of Yagami Raito (Light) in the anime Death Note.
Kira is God,

date of death; January 28, 2010.

RIP, Kame Sama

by Reverend FrosT August 12, 2007
66 49
A girl with amazing tits. They are big and perky.
1: "did you see that girl last night, kira?"
2: "yes. Best rack I have ever seen,"
by danielnickleson May 25, 2014
1 2
The name the idiots in Japan dub the user of the Death Note, Light Yagami. It is basically how the Japanese pronounce "killer"... and it means God.

Also a Deathtards way of saying "Oh My God!"
Person 1: Oh my Kira! That car looked just like Mail's car.

Person 2: ...It was a red BIKE.
by Muh-Muh-Muh Mello!.. Luvs Matt January 17, 2011
12 32
The biggest noob of the world and she also thinks of narwhals when she noob tubes on hardcore team deathmatch.
Kira loves doms dick.
by Ocho1234 December 30, 2011
7 46
Lover of bugs, and lover of boyfriends that aren't worth much.
"Dude, I just bought my boyfriend a cheap 25 cent necklace."

"Aw man you're so Kira."
by ILOVEKIRA February 03, 2010
19 92
1. The god of the new world.
2. A real bitch who brings sorrow to all who she meets, will rape two guys but will like another, and who is a backstabber who can't be trusted
Guy 1: I just got a date with Kira!
Guy 2: Wow, your life is officially fucked.
Guy 3: Yeah, dude, you should go hang yourself now.
by A Guy From New Jersey July 18, 2008
88 226