Kira, best word to describe her is perfect. A Kira is stunning, super sexy, has beautiful eyes, a goddess and has a beautiful smile. Kira has a way with people. She is extremely kind and forgiving, but cross her path and she will bite your face off. Kira is athletic and smart and ALL the boys secretly like her but are too afraid to ask her out because of her perfectness...its intimmedating. If someone doesn't like a Kira it's because they are jealous. She is an amazing bestfriend and is always loyal. She is anyones idol.
person1- "Did the room just suddenly get sexier?"
person2- "Yeah, Kira just walked in.."
person3- "dayummm"
by girl022 April 15, 2012
Top Definition
1. Female name of Celtic origins, meaning "dark lady".
2. God.
3. The absolute coolest person ever.
Kira is God.

...Fuck 20 letters. >_<
by Kiiiiiira May 01, 2005
The name of a sweet young girl whose smile and laugh could light up a world filled wtih darkness and the eyes that could make your anger vanish into thin air.
Syn: Hey, you see Kira? How my soul longs for her.
Zacky: She doesn't like you so shut up!
Syn: Don't get mad cuz she dont like you either.
by Sachman February 09, 2009
Light Yagami's serial killer alias when using the Death Note to murder criminals.

Comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "killer"
Bill - "So, I heard Kira killed another unjust man the other day."
Dave - "Yeah, too bad, oh well, I guess they deserve it."
Bill - "Yeah, who do you think will be next? ... Dave? ... Dave?!"
by ScriblingInMeDeathNote October 24, 2007

Origin:Latin, Persian, Japanese
Meaning: light; sun; as big as the sun
Gender: Female (or in some extreme cases male, see Kira Lee-Wise)
Jasmine: So, that Kira's pretty hot, eh?
by You know who I am. April 12, 2005
She is a beautiful person but is easily hated. Most by jealousy. She can get a guy in 5 seconds flat. She will kill anyone that hurts her friends and she is very small. They do crazy things with their hair and likes to stand out from the normal day to day way of living. Although she is open about herself there are those things she doesnt like them knowing.
"whoa who's she"
"thats Kira, she's amazing"
by gertrudethefox October 29, 2011
1. Owner of all the turtles, the absoloute coolest person in the universe. A Kira is usually STUNNING, and completly HOT!!! Kira is the bestest friend you could have, always listening. Kira's are often really nice, very emotional and romantic. You never hear them say anything nasty or mean about or to another person. When you are around a Kira, happiness flows into you. Kira's are full of joy and fun. They can be crazy at times, but still understanding. Everybody LOVES a Kira.
Person 1: *sobs*
Kira: Oh, don't cry, I'll give you my turtle.
Person 1: *Laughs*
Kira: YAY! Lets skip around being aeroplanes.
Person 1: Omg, you are such a Kira.
by Taco lover24 May 11, 2011
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