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Kira Takenouchi is an author of yaoi fiction whose online presence has been continually surrounded by controversy, scandal, drama, tragedy, and, at times, public censure. Her fanbase extends across the globe and continues to grow, despite her well-publicized struggle with bi-polar disorder.

Kira is best known for her Ai no Kusabi-based doujinshi yaoi novel series, Taming Riki, which gained a worldwide following in the ever-growing underground yaoi movement when Takenouchi chose to sell her doujinshi series through the book publisher Yaoi Underground, after seeking and receiving the approval of Ai no Kusabi copyright owner DMP/June.

Takenouchi's books are extremely sexually graphic, depicting male/male (yaoi) sex, and have been banned in Singapore and Thailand. Popular series include Alpha Rising, Harem Boy, In the Headmaster's Chambers, Once A Chieftain, Moon Over Atlantis, The Boy from Braxton Creek, Tristan's Reform, The Punishment of Shiiki, I, Incubus, and Barbarian's Slave.

Known as the Princess of Yaoi, Kira Takenouchi is also considered the biggest drama queen on the yaoi scene.
Because of her dramatic exits and subsequent returns to her companies and writing career, to "do a Kira Takenouchi" has come to mean doing a 360 turn, like going around in a revolving door, ending up exactly where you started.
by Marcus JF February 09, 2010
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