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From a gaudy type of belt, "Kippy Belt" worn by Westies containing an inordinant amount of rhinestones. Used to describe anything that sparkles.
"You've got the most kippy eyes."
by Lluevos Rancheros August 09, 2003
Verb: The act of going out in Berkeley, California to Kip's and Pappy's in a single evening.
1. Bro, you tryna kippy tonight?

2. Oh bro, kippied so hard last night.

3. Friend 1 - Yo, whatchu up to tonight?
Friend 2- I'm kippying, where the fuck are you?
by jtoy March 03, 2012
Crazy ass ghetto girl from Annandale!
That Kippy beat Mandys ass last New Years Eve!
by Annandale Ghetto girl August 21, 2003