Jug in Finnish

A guy who is a peon
Your worse than kippo
Stfu Kippo
by Wayne December 23, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who spends his days drinking ale and smoking pipe weed.
Lovey dovey for May Hogg even though she has no interest in him.
He's a weird hobbit just saying


Someone with a speech impedidment or can't talk correctly
hey did you hear about that drunk who is slurring all the time
yeah omg such a kippo!!
by Toby Proudfoot June 15, 2013
a wiggo wit a speech impedament
that dudes a kippo, he cant even say his 'r's"
by hakto May 07, 2004
Casual Word for a Dog.
"Hello Kippo, Goos Boy"

"I'm taking the Kippo for a Walk"
by Martin February 27, 2004
lacking the abillity to say "r" words
he was such a kippo
by Anonymous May 19, 2003

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