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The act of fellating ones Hemorrhoids. Made popular by Nobel Prize recipient Joseph Rudyard Kipling who was repudiated to thoroughly enjoy the practice.
My girlfriend got really drunk last night and gave me some Kipling.
by Keef Da Thief October 14, 2008
An act in a vaudeville joke with sly reference to the classic writer Rudyard Kipling.
Do you like Kipling?

I don't know, I've never tried it.
by werelemming August 28, 2005
The word Kipling (or Mr Kipling) means 'exceedingly good'. It derives from British advertisements for Mr Kipling bakery products, whose cakes are 'exceedingly good'. Used in the playground it becomes a much hipper way to say something otherwise pretentious.
Jo: Good match last night?
Sam: Yeah, kipling bruv.
by Poppins February 26, 2005
a dickhead that thinks he is so cool,and i will kill him if he had the balls to show his face but no he thinks a few words makes him real brave.watch out bitch im coming for you.
a southsider knacker baby who slags northsiders and gets raped in the bum by his rich daddy cos he drives a bmw and a hummer.
by niamh 100% pure northsider March 01, 2005