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The most amazing person ever born. Someone who's kind, loving, caring, and kind of a hippie. Someone who's very considerate of others feelings but if you get in the way of what she loves, she'll end you on the spot.
Aww, i love you too babe, your such a Kiona
by SatelliteSoldier June 22, 2011
The most beautiful girl in the world, she's sweet, kind, and fun to be around. Once you meet her, you will probably fall in love, at least if you're like me. You can not stop thinking about her, and will wish you didn't have the weekends off school, because you just want to see her beautiful face. Kiona is also playful and usually likes guys with medium - long length hair. She isn't a girl you LUST, she's a girl you LOVE, even if you can't be with her. :) If you ever move away from her, you will have the worst nostalgia ever.
1. Me: Man I wish I could be with Kiona all the time, and hold on to her until the day I die. Too bad she has a BF. :(

2. Guy: That girl is amazing, her name must be Kiona, 'cause I fell in love with her right away.
by Salocin Zuegirdor October 22, 2011
An insecure, but beautiful girl, very smart, someone who likes to party, and is super awesome :D
Dude, that girl is such a Kiona!(:
by CrackDonaldsPokemon September 06, 2011
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