1. a small city in eastern north carolina 2. just like any other city but smaller 3. shottah town aka ducksdown ktown
Kinston Indians
by MajorMami April 05, 2011
Top Definition
A city in North Carolina that is not much different than Compton except there isn't as many murders. A city that is populated by 80% thugs, hoodlums, drug dealers, and gang members and 20% nice, well behaved, rule followers. Not a place i would advise going through at night.
Guy 1: Where did you say you lived, so I can go to your house tonight?
Guy 2: I live in Kinston.
Guy 1: Eeeee...Nevermind. I'll just stay home
by ImNotReallySure December 30, 2013
A small town that no one knows about unless you're from Eastern North Carolina. It is also sometimes referred to as "Bum Fuck Egypt" or "BFE"
Person 1: I live in Kinston.

Person 2 is drawing a blank.

Person 1: It's in Eastern North Carolina

Person 2: Oh ok (but he's still drawing a blank.)
by ShebaSilver October 17, 2008
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